the read PILE - 5/7/08

This is a huge week and this was pretty hard list to itemize so here's my best shot. 

#1 THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT #1 (OF 12) - With such a huge list it was hard to choose a number one, so I went with the dark horse. This book looks really interesting. The title is great, and army guys versus dinosaurs will always get me. If this book has killer robots it may take the number one spot again.


#2A MIGHTY AVENGERS #13 SI - I'm not sure whether i should read Secret Invasion first or this. Since this is what Fury has been doing since befor Secret Invasion I'm going to guess it's this one. I really loved last issue with him. He came a cross as a total badass. Here's hoping the badass-ness continues. 

#2B SECRET INVASION #2(OF 8)  SI - I liked issue 1 despite it being all set up. Let's start setting up the plot line and fighting some Skrulls.

#3  AVENGERS INVADERS #1(OF 12) - Not sure how this is going to fit in with Secret Invasion, but if Alex Ross is involved I'm pretty much on board.

#4 BATMAN DEATH MASK #2(OF 4) - I really enjoyed the first issue. I especially liked the way it clued readers in on the differences in manga. I think after this series is concluded I'll be more comfortable picking up a manga book. Kudos to DC.

#5 DYNAMO 5 ANUAL #1 - The Dynamo 5 status quo has been altered. I'm curious to how the team will cope with out there base and their leadership. Oh yeah and the cover is straight up bad ass!

#6 MAN WITH NO NAME #1 - I love westerns, I also love Sergio Leone, and I also love comics. So this seems like a perfect mash up made for me. I hope they attempt to copy Leone's cinematic style.

#7 LOGAN #3 (OF 3) - Vaughn is a pimp. I'll have my review of Y the last man up soon, promise. Also Nick I'll return your copies soon also. Thanks.

#8 JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #45 - Mary Marvel and Booster Gold have to save the day. Booster has me happy, Mary not so much.


#10 NIGHTWING #144 - Read the last issue on whim. I'm checking out this one. Glad to see Rags is drawing it I love that guy.

#11 COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #7(OF8) - I was telling my bro about this new version of Doctor Fate and it made me realize how cool it was. Wow.

#12 IRON MAN VIVA LAS VEGAS #1 (OF 4) - Vegas, baby vegas! Iron man movie was superb, I hope tony hooks up with a bunch of chicks and shows his coolness in this book. I know Favreau can pull it off. Also I'd love to see Favreau's take on Green Arrow, anyone else?

#13 GEMINI #1(OF 5) - I love Faerber. I'm pretty much onboard anything he does now. Planning on picking up Noble Causes off of Amazon soon. If you're going to skip this book give it a shot. I'm saying this with out reading it yet, but Faerber is really good with these concept comics. 

#14 JONAH HEX #31 - I think this maybe the last issue I pick up. I think I'm either going to switch to a subscription or collect in TPB to save alittle cash on it. the thing about it is I like the comic I generally enjoy it, but I'm never excited it's on stands. It's just there.  

#15 ALL NEW ATOM #23 - Damn you Remender you are making me want to drop this book. Should I drop it?

#16 HOUSE OF MYSTERY #1 - The blurb sold me on it. This should be an interesting trippy read.

#17 RANN THANAGAR HOLY WAR #1(OF 8) - I don't like the Rann Thanagar stuff that's been down as of late, didn't enjoy it in IC, or in Countdown to Adventure. I'm going to try out the first issue but if something doesn't work I will drop it and hope they review in over on spoilt

#18 TOR #1(OF 6) - I know next to nothing about Tor. The ads don't have me all that interested but for the sake of this blog I'm going to check it out. 

#19 DC UNIVERSE SPECIAL JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA - I greatly enjoyed my introduction to Libra in DC universe 0. So I'm pleased to learn more about him here. 


I got a doozy this week to sort of diverging opinions on countdown. Snell has an amazing post breaking down and ripping into Countdown. I pretty much agree with everything he says. So check it out. 

Then Kon-el over at the Comic boards has an interesting theory on Countdown calling it a long existentialist metaphor.


Swinebread said…
Man you got a honking huge list this time.

I'm getting mine tomorrow

THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT is at the top of m y kist too

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