6 reasons to accept Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So I saw the new Indy flick, twice. I had to watch it twice. Not because I loved it the first time but because I didn't love it the first time. I now like the movie after seeing it the second time and proudly accept into the Indiana Jones mythos. I must say that I liked the movie however there are still problems I have with it.

6. Aliens - I like the idea that Indiana Jones can star in any movie a sci-fi flick, an adventure flick, a ww2 flick, etc. So aliens don't really bother me but if you're going to do aliens and Indian Jones you should really go balls out. I expected the third act of this movie to be Indiana Jones versus Aliens or at the very least Indiana Jones against people with superpowers. I mean how cool would it have been to see Indy dodging laser gun blasts, or bullwhipping a giant rancor pitt monster, or even grabbing a lightsaber off the body of a dead ewok. 

5. Action Set pieces - All the action was top notch. It was fun, exciting, and original. The big fight in the warehouse filled with boxes from Raiders was awesome but it wasn't the right way to start the movie. I would've much rather have seen the a-bomb test site as the opening teaser. Other than that though the fights were fun especially the flesh eating ants, sword fights, and greaser fights.

4. Plotting - The plotting sucked. I felt like the first half of the movie was trying to sell me that Indy was badass. I know Indy is a bad ass. I 've seen three movies where Indy has been a bad ass,  just cause Indy's old doesn't mean that I discount him as some has been. Also there was whole lot of looking back on the previous movies, space in between movies, and characters that I didn't care for. The great thing about Indy movies is that they stand alone and that they are independent adventures. You don't need to know Raiders to enjoy Last Crusade and so on and so forth. This movie seems to be overly referencing Last Crusade and Raiders. I don't need homages to sequels, I own the sequels. The only way this sort of ever looking back would work would've been the whole Shortround main villain scenario which I would have liked to see.

3. Cate Blanchet - She kicked ass. She was a fun villain who was just as good as any Nazi villain we've seen before. I would have liked to see them play more on the politics and villainy of communism. I felt though that they missed oppurtunities with her. Like they hinted at her being a psychic but they never elaborated on it. Indy versus some psychic chick would've been a cool fight but they missed it.

2. Shia Lebouf - Stole the movie his acting is perfect. His intro ala The Wild One was cool and fun. Him as a greaser punk was a perfect compliment to Indy's fedora wearing cool. I would totally love to see "Mutt Jones and the Time Machine of Ghengis Khan". Alot of people have complained about his bits with the monkeys and him getting hit in the nuts, but it works thats the type of levity the movie needs. In fact it needed more comedy. 

1. Harrison Ford - Harrison Ford is not the worst actor in this movie. Karen Alllen is. He is the star of the movie so his shitty acting is harder to stand. I don't think that Harrison Ford has given an honest performance since the Fugitive. He spends this entire movie smirking and grunting. In past Indiana Jones movies smirking and grunting showed thoughts behind it. In this movie he looks like a confused old man who Spielberg is asking to put sad faces and happy faces for the shots. I'm sorry Harrison Ford I love you, but could you please try to care about this movie that so many people care about. 

Speed Racer VS. Indy 4

Speed Racer is still the best flick I've seen this summer. Harrison Ford just holds this movie down way to much. Speed Racer is till king and his McDonalds toys are way better than the BK Indy toys.

Despite the missed opportunities and shitty acting. It's still and Indy flick and it only gets better with time. The joy of Indy movies is watching them over and over to see your favorite parts and moments. Oh and by the by my favorite line from the movie is "Get that Greaser!!!"


Ryan said…
Personally, I thought this movie would have needed a lot more to redeem itself in my eyes. There were some really cool scenes. The fight scenes were all really good, although a bit too long for my tastes). Unfortunately, there was not enough actual plot in between the action to really keep me all that interested in what happened to the characters.

I also didn't like how it seemed to talk down to the audience by having to remind us every 15 minutes that 'this skull seems to match up with these pictures of aliens'.
Alex said…
Honestly, what more can we expect of a George Lucas movie? I'm a HUGE Star Wars addict, I KNOW the prequels sucked, but they're Star Wars movies, so I love them. Same with Indy. Sure the movie was over the top and crazy, but it's Indy, we should all get over the fact that it should have been better and just love it. Yeah, that's right, just let the geeky Indy love flow.
GeekBoy said…
What Alex said. It is what it is, and I enjoyed it enough to excuse the flaws, because I went into that theater wanting to enjoy myself. The other two sequels were pale imitations of Raiders, and this was no different. I just wish they hadn't waited 19 years to make it.
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