Am I the only one Reading Newsarama Lately?

I've recently started following Newsarama. I didn't have time before but now I do.

So Newsarama has a great Speed Racer review that is as complimentary as mine.

It also has the news that Meltzer is returning to the DCU. I figured someone else would have talked abut this by now but in case you haven't heard. You've just been served! It's interesting that he's going to work with Adam Kubert. Hopefully their projects get in on time and won't be as delayed as Kubert's Superman work. By the way I absolutely loved the Action Comics anual it was big and epic. Donner definitely brought a cinematic element to the story. It would make the perfect Superman movie, especially if you could have Bizzaro, Metallo, and Parasite in it.

In other news, I was sure that the internets would be ablaze by the news that JMS is going to take over the Brave and the Bold. First off, I'm a little sad that he wants to do short archs and not one epic one that strings through characters the way Waid did. Other than that though, I like his ideas Batman and the Haunted Tank is always welcome, Legion of Substitute Heroes and the Inferior Five team up sounds like a loser fest up epic proportions...I love it, and the Two-Face, Hawk, and Dove story sounds interesting. It seems like JMS has the right idea take similar characters or totally dissimilar characters put them together and see what happens.

Finally, my boy Geoff Johns dropped a bomb that the falling burning guy in DC Universe 0. I don't want to spoil it if you don't want to be spoiled but its a big name. He also talks about his Green Lantern plans, and Legion of three worlds. I want to talk about it so bad, but I'll practice some self control for now.


GeekBoy said…
The JMS news is intriguing. I actually don't read much DC stuff. I wonder who'll be doing the art?

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