All New Atom #23: Remender's got Nards

If you don't understand the title then you've never seen the cult classic The Monster Squad. Click the vid and get caught up.


So no one has talked about the All New Atom from a couple of weeks ago or Remender. Am I the only person who is still on this title? It's a pretty wild issue and I think he might've finally won me over but he has to tread carefully. He won me over not for character work like Gail did it's for a zany plot. It's a little dark for this Atom than were used to but it's zany. Spoilers ahoy mates! If you haven't read it and plan on reading it turn back now.

All New Atom #23

So Ryan has been sucked into the giant monster which is actually an organism or parasite or something that has infected his body. There's alot of techno babble I don't really understand. Eitherway he's stuck in some type of microverse that is all trippy and weird and filled with giant monsters.

Ryan is in  a pretty cool bio-suit and is going all John Woo on the monsters.

When he stumbles upon an interesting bit of forshadowing. 

There is going to be some chick Chronos and the Atom is going to kill her inside of this microplace. Before Ryan can process his own demise he is ambushed by some castaway type badass who turns out to be...Panda. That's right Ryan's fat, funny, sidekick is now a ripped bearded man of action.

Not only is he ripped but the chick that Ryan has been crushing on for two issues who is dressed like a sexy Wilma from the Flintstones is now Panda's girlfriend eat that Ryan. 

Rest of the issue goes on with the standards stranded in a harsh environment plot, running from monsters, fighting monstaers, and red shirts being eaten to give a little sense of danger.

Ryan interacts with Ivy Town's citizens but one a-hole citizen is very pissed at Ryan for getting him stuck there and letting his girlfriend die. 

So he shoots Ryan in the face with his own ray-gun. 

Remender even promises next issue will feature Booster Gold.

Words of caution to Remender:

By the end of your arch Panda better be fat, loveable, and totally un-badass or else I will be pissed. As far as Ryan getting shot in the face, he better not die and as for using Booster Gold next issue DON'T MESS HIM UP! Also take it easy with the technobabble and give me more floating head. Other than that keep up the good work, wild plot twists, and hot chick Chronos.      

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