Best Incarnations part 1 Avengers

I was thinking about all the different actors and actresses that have played/voiced super heroes and Ithought what would be the definitive best performance of acharacter by an actor. This is a little similar to Chorus of Comics but different. Chorus of Comics is the voice I hear when reading comics. Best Incarnations will be who is the single best actor/actress who has played the role.

Since their has been a lot of love for Iron Man and interest in the Avnegers, I'll stay on that and keep this blog about Avengers.


Easy, Robert Downey Jr. their isn't much competition as far as incarnations. The 90's cartoon is almost unwatchable, his guest spot on Spiderman and his Amazing Friends never set the world ablaze, the Ultimate Avengers movie kept Tony and Ironman rather stale, and I don't even remeber his performance in the short lived Avengers show. So Robert Downey Jr. is the champ but he really has no competition.


Finding a note worthy Captain America appearance is difficult, most of his apearances are either guestspots or horrible. I'm tempted to give this non-award to the 1966 Marvel super heroes cartoon of which I own a vhs I picked up at goodwill. However, that would be only servicing my own interests and as I'm trying to not be to bias I'm going to go with his appearance on X-men Evolution. The voice work is solid and not t0 cheesy by David Hayter.


Thor ain't got many performances to choose from. I'm tempted to give it to John-Rhys Davies on name alone. His voice is pitch perfect for a gruff and headstrong Thor but I've never actually seen them. So I'm going to go with Ultimate Avengers Thor as voiced by Dave Boat. This version of Thor simply has great jokes and isn't to annoying although he is cheesy. (Adventure's in baby sitting don't count, that's basically a cameo)


Hank Pym the man of Many names really gets the most entertaining treatment in the Ultimate Avengers. He's played as a bit of an a-hole but it works. Kudos to you Nolan North.


So it's either Ultimate Avengers or Avengers United They Stand. Nothing good to choose from so I'll flip a coin and...Grey Deslile Ultimate Avengers you win.


Finally some one with an actual resume of appearances. Best Hulk as of today is hands down the Roller Coaster? 


John Belushi?



YES! Ferrigno really captures the imagination as the Hulk, for some reason he comes across so completely inhuman. I actually believe Ferrigno is really a monster.

Ed Norton is the best Bruce Banner he is funny, sad, small, pathetic, scrappy, and smart. He has an intelligence and vulnerableness that Bixby or Bana could not achieve.

EDIT:I'm pretty sure Ed Norton is going to take this non-award once his movie hits. The place holder for now will be Mr. Eric Bana. I am one of the few people who think that Ang Lee's Hulk was not total garbage. Bana played a very imposing Banner who is far more heroic than any other incarnation. Bana's Banner felt like a true descendant of the Jekyll spirit.


Winner by default...Ron Rubin for Avengers: United They Stand TV


Winner by default...Tony Daniels for Avengers: United They Stand TV

Am I wrong? Am I right? Any performances or appearances I've missed?

Next Best Incarnations we will look at some DC characters.

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