Hell's Yeah!!!!!

OMFG! This is the most supercool news like ever. I have never been so hyped just from a strange quirky concept idea. I mean Ollie Queen, who if I had a time machine would be played by a young Kurt Russell, in jail with DC supervillains is bad ass in a million ways.


Who will play the Joker, Ledger's dead?

Could I see James Franco

Also can the main villain be Captain Nazi played by Daniel Craig or Neil Patrick Harris

or even better Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson played by Ron Perlman or Clint Eastwood

and Luthor played by Clancy Brown or Micheal Rosenbaum?

Could this be the greatest movie ever. As good as Con-Air!!!


Anonymous said…
captain nazi villain is genius. wouldn't daniel craig make a great metallo.
Nick said…
Put down the bunny!
Swinebread said…
Captain Nazi played by Daniel Craig good one!

Con-Air? lol

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