6 Reasons to like Iron Man

I liked it for 6 reasons

1. Robert Downey Jr.- He made Tony Stark who I've usually found to be a total a-hole into a pimp. The first part of the movie that Tony is driving fast cars, and hooking up with hot women was pimp. I could watch a whole pre iron man Tv series of Tony Stark being a player if Robert Downey Jr. starred in it.

2. Jeff Bridges - "The dude abides". I love the Big Lebowski and I love Jeff Bridges and his facial hair steals the show from Robert Downey Jr.'s. He was lovable at the start and menacing at the ends. This is almost a movie about a beard vs. a goattee. 

3. The 10 Rings - I like the subtle Mandarin references. I wish it had been played up a little more like maybe the terrorist leader was collecting the rings and Obidiah gave him one or something.  

4. Terrence Howard - He was cool, in control, and altogether affable. I can't wait to see him rock some armor.


5. The Psuedo science - The psuedo sience was strong. I like the idea of the shrapnel being magnetically repulsed from his heart. I don't think that's the case currently but I may be wrong becuase I'm not all that well read on Iron Man.

6.  Nick Fury's lines- He told tony he's part of a Universe. That is something to be a happy about. Also for some reason my brother thinks that The Incredible Hulk will have an Iron Man cameo and similar Nick Fury scene, I hope he's right.


Scott said…
Every time that Jeff Bridges was on screen, I wanted someone to be bowling or for Sam Eliot to show up and provide some narration.

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