erislaughs and stephen watches: chapter 1

I'ma big fan of erislaughs over on the youtube. If you are not familiar with her than here is erislaughs introduction of herself.

Why do I like erislaughs?

Because she likes comics, duh. Plus, she ends every vlog with a kiss. She is that elusive unicorn all nerds have heard the myth of, the beautiful girl that actually likes and reads comics (no offense is meant to my fellow female bloggers shelly, sallyp, redheadfangirl, Heidi Meeeley, and brainfreeze. I treasure your viewpoints but it's rare to find girl nerds in my age range). She's a marvel fan, so I can't go totally head over heals for her. None the less I watch all of her youtube vids when they're released. So I've decided to put my erislaughs fandom on display for the entire internets to see. When ever she posts a new vid so shall I encapsulate it in my blog and dissect her reviews alittle. So let us enjoy the wonder of the nerd unicorn herself, erislaughs, gentlemen our feature presentation.

My thoughts.

Captain Britain - Didn't read it sorry.

X-men Legacy - Haven't read it yet.

Huntress Year 1 - I like the religious angle alot on her. 

I am proud you like a DC book.

Giant size Hulk - Won't read it.

The Goon - I don't read it I think I'm going to start.

Batman R.I.P.- Read it.

CTHULU Tales - I like to pronounce the comics I like. 

Indian Jones Flick - You liked it more than me but my review is coming soon fellas.

Oh and erislaughs you should totally check out Booster Gold it's the best DC book out there.


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