THE READ PILE - 4/30/08 in review

My excuse for a tardy read pile this week, is that I contracted a strain of the morticus virus. Just kidding, I had this nasty stomach virus that whooped my ass and had me puking more than zeitgeist. I'm feeling better now so here I am. Since I'm late with the pile, this will be a read pile in review. 

#1 DC UNIVERSE 0 - Wow. I loved this comic it was  a great preview of the big events this summer and it really peeked my interest to all of them. The wonder woman story and Batman RIP, I wasn't planning on picking up but I'm sold thanks to these previews. I hope they give us a similar tease for Rann-Thangar Holy War and Reign in Hell so I can decide if I want to grab them. Also, how cool did Libra sound and who is that burning god guy? 

#2 NEW AVENGERS #40 - This cover is awesome. I'm a big fan of these skrulled out covers and I don't know why. As for the issue itself it was kind of weak I mean it gave us essential bask story for the invasion but it didn't satisfy my new avengers fix. If Secret Invasion is going to be the last New Avengers story don't we deserve to see a last hurrah. Also, as for the last page spoiler I'm just disappointed I don't want the characters I like to be invalidated.  

#3 TEEN TITANS #58 - The art this issue was really off, the usually super cute Miss Martian was pretty fugly all issue. The issues also takes place in like two issues ago so that was super annoying. I didn't like it McKeever manages to be awesome one week and just kind of weak the next. I want some consistency in this book. The only bit I liked was Miss Martian making the choice to keep her future evil self inside of her for the good of the world. I t was heroic choice and a smart move to make giving the character depth. I was sure that the plot point was going to end in her death or her becoming a villain but making her live with evil inside her is a great choice.      

#4 EL ESCARBAJO AZUL #26 - The all spanish issue was really a spanglish issue. I enjoyed it alot. I'm a first generation American and my family is from Cuba and Spain so I speak spanish pretty fluently and can read it pretty good. It was fun to read a comic in spanish. The story was pretty solid ad the characterizations were fantastic especially Jaime's grandma I wish she was a regular character. The spanish translations were really formal and some of it was translated way to literally from english so it felt a little inauthentic, but I'll take what I can get and I hope they do it again on issue 52.

#5 GREEN LANTERN #30 - This is what the first GL movie should be. There's drama, intrigue, and most importantly fun. Watching Hal fly without a plane is fun and really gave me a sense of excitement. I love the addition of Hector Hammond to Hal's origin.  Also the portrayal of Abin Sur and Sinestro is intrigueing and it all feels like the perfect summer movie. I hope everyone who reads comics is reading this because this comic is why Hall Jordan is great. I think it's clear that Johns run on Green Lantern will go down as the definitive one. Also the art is impeccable and beautiful. I  can not recommend this book more highly. If i could only pick up one book this is it. Also if you'd like to read an indepth review/recap from the eyes of a hardcore Green Lnatern may I steer you toward SallyP, who I read religiously. 

#6 X-MEN LEGACY #210 - I wanted to agree with my boy Ryan and call this the worst of wednesday, but I can't. The first issue left me intrigued, the second issue left me bored and confused, the first half of this issue had me frowning and ready to drop it, but the book finally got to it's point. Proffesor X is going to go out and figure out who he was and who he wants to be now. Good concept we get to revisit old stories maybe shine a new light on them. I'm going to continue picking up this book although I'm peeved that they don't have Magneto journeying with him. It seems like the perfect opportunity to see the two of them hanging out and figuring out there past. 

#7 THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST #14 - I'm not sure where I stand on this book. I like it but it's never something I'm super excited over. It's fun, the story is good, and I like the character but I'm a bit annoyed that it's taken 14 issues to wrap up to wrap up the first arch. I think I'm going to stick with it one issue after The writing team leaves and then I'll see where I stand.

#8 JSA CLASSIFIED #37 - The whole story is just okay. The story definitely dragged on. I don't see why this simple story couldn't have been told in one issue or two, three is simply to much. Also the preview for next month is another Wildcat story. Bad planning on DC's part, following up 3 issues of Wildcat with another issue of Wildcat when the book is called JSA classified doesn't make sense to me. With the huge roster this JSA squad has I really want to read a Jakeem Thunder story, or Amazing man story. 

#9 ACTION COMICS #864 - I liked the issue it was good wrap up of the Legion storylines that ran through the year in Action Comics, JLA, and JSA. I'm very hyped for Legion of Three Worlds.  I'm not that well read on the Legion so I refer you over to Rokk's review for a more well informed opinion. I liked it storywise, however the art didn't work for me. On a side note, I don't read ay of the Batman books. I get my bat fix in JLA or anytime he guest stars in some other book I read. So I'm surprised to see his costume with these pointy shoulders and a weird mask with all these lines in it. His costume looked super lame and cheesy. Is this how Batman is dressing nowadays? If this is the case i think I'm going to have to reconsider picking up Batman R.I.P. because I can't stand to look at it. 


Ryan said…
Ok, I gotta agree with you. If X-Men Legacy had more Xavier/Magneto team-up goodness, I'd read the hell out of it.

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