#VundaHalloweenAthon Day 15: "Scare the Kids"

Welcome to Day 15 of our #VundaHalloweenAthon 

The 15th theme of the month is "Scare the Kids." Today we celebrate family-friendly frights with some horror films for all (or at least most) ages! OR, if you wanna get creative, you can pick a movie or two for adults that centers around scary children or scaring children. 

Here are a few recommendations  taken from our own watchlists for today...

Group Pick: Muppets Haunted Mansion has just debuted on DisneyPlus and we feel it is the perfect all-ages-friendly Halloween treat for today. Watch Gonzo and Pepe traverse Disney's legendary Haunted Mansion, packed with tons of cameos, songs, nods to the ride, and Halloween vibes to fill your haunted heart.

-Fear Street (2021) directed by Leigh Janiak - 1h 47, 1h 50m, 1h 54m - Netflix
-Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) directed by André Øvredal - 1h 48m - Tubi
-Wrinkles the Clown (2019) directed by Michael Beach Nichols - 1h 15m - Hulu

Stephen & Dani:
-Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales (2021) directed by Ken Cunningham - 46m - DisneyPlus
-ParaNorman (2012) directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell- 1h 32m - Netflix
-Monsterhouse (2006) directed by Gil Kenan -1h 31m - Netflix

Tell us about your picks on social media by tagging @Vundacast or @Vundablog and #VundaHalloweenAthon in your tweets or posts.

Our official #VundaHalloweenAthon art was done by Josh Stifter who is not only an artist but a filmmaker. If you subscribe to his Flush Studios Patreon you can access great behind the scenes content. He has two feature length films: The Good Exorcist is a comedic horror film made for $7000 under the supervision of Robert Rodriguez available on TromaNOW (perfect for "Spooky & Spiritual" day) or ask Josh about Greywood's Plot a film about friendship and cryptids, which is touring the world at film festivals. Josh also has tons of great horror shorts we might be recommending later in the month.


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