#VundaHalloweenAthon Day 6: "Digital Hell"

Welcome to Day 6 of our #VundaHalloweenAthon 

The 6th theme of the month is "Digital Hell." There are a few different valid interpretations of this but we envisioned this as basically being movies that reflect and derive terror from the Digital Age--computers, the Internet, electronics, and technology in general. 

Today's a good day to unplug from the monotony and download some horror goodness into your minds. Watch something new to you or a classic that has aged well--bonus Pumpkin Points if you watch more than one movie a day on theme!

Group Pick: The Cleansing Hour (2020) directed by Damien LaVeck and available to stream on Shudder is a terrific film that we highly recommend. It will unleash digital hell into your day, literally, and that is all we will say.

-Scanners (1981) directed by David Cronenberg - 1h 43m - HBO Max, Criterion Channel
-Videodrome (1983) directed by David Cronenberg - 1h 27m - Peacock
-Chopping Mall (1986) directed by Jim Wynorski - 1h 17m (2h 17m w/ Joe Bob Briggs Commentary) - Shudder, Tubi
-The Lawnmower Man (1992) directed by Brett Leonard - 1h 48m

Stephen & Dani:
-Virtuosity (1995) directed by Brett Leonard - 1h 46m - Youtube
-Host (2020) directed by Rob Savage - 56m - Shudder
-Evilspeak (1981) directed by Eric Weston - 1h 34m (2h 42m w/ Joe Bob Briggs Commentary) - Shudder

Tell us about your picks on social media by tagging @Vundacast or @Vundablog and #VundaHalloweenAthon in your tweets or posts.

Our official #VundaHalloweenAthon art was done by Josh Stifter who is not only an artist but a filmmaker. If you subscribe to his Flush Studios Patreon you can access great behind the scenes content. He has two feature length films: The Good Exorcist is a comedic horror film made for $7000 under the supervision of Robert Rodriguez available on TromaNOW (perfect for "Spooky & Spiritual" day) or ask Josh about Greywood's Plot a film about friendship and cryptids, which is touring the world at film festivals. Josh also has tons of great horror shorts we might be recommending later in the month.


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