#VundaHalloweenAthon Day 31: "This Is Halloween"

Welcome to Day 31 of our #VundaHalloweenAthon 

The 31st theme of the month is "This Is Halloween." Today and tonight are dedicated to this magical day and night. Let's watch movies that feature Halloween itself--whether they're set on or around Halloween, or are about Halloween. And, of course, today is always a great day to watch any and all of your favorite entries in the Halloween franchise!

Here are a few recommendations from the team, taken from our own watchlists for today...

Group Pick: The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror available on Disney Plus is must watch Halloween viewing for us. If you haven't been sneaking in your favorite episodes yet tonights your last chance to do it in spooky season.  

-Halloween (1978) directed by John Carpenter - 1h 30m (2h 29m w/ Joe Bob Briggs Commentary) - Shudder
-Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) directed by Dwight H. Little - 1h 28m (2h 30m w/ Joe Bob Briggs Commentary) - Shudder
-Halloween (2007) directed by Rob Zombie - 1h 50m (2h 1m for the Director's Cut) - AMC (Director's Cut available for purchase on Amazon)
-Halloween II (2009) directed by Rob Zombie - 1h 45m - AMC

Stephen & Dani:
-Haunt (2019) directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods - 1h 32m - Shudder (check it out with Joe Bob's Halloween Hideaway 132 mins)
-Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers (1h 36m) directed by Joe Chapelle - 1h 36m - Showtime
-House 2: The Second Story (1987) directed by Ethan Wiley - 1h 28m - Tubi 
-The Houses October Built (2014) directed. by Bobby Roe - 1h 31m - Tubi and Hulu

Tell us about your picks on social media by tagging @Vundacast or @Vundablog and #VundaHalloweenAthon in your tweets or posts.

Our official #VundaHalloweenAthon art was done by Josh Stifter who is not only an artist but a filmmaker. If you subscribe to his Flush Studios Patreon you can access great behind the scenes content. He has two feature length films: The Good Exorcist is a comedic horror film made for $7000 under the supervision of Robert Rodriguez available on TromaNOW or ask Josh about Greywood's Plot a film about friendship and cryptids, which is touring the world at film festivals and winning numerous awards.


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